Thursday, November 17, 2011

The First 48

What do you do when your guiding light is snuffed out? How do you carry on when the doors of grace and wisdom have been shut to you? These are just a few of the questions you ask yourself when you find that Wasp101 has erected a wall and left you on the other side.

And while I've managed to take a bit of nourishment, my world has grown very dark indeed. As the title of this post suggests, the first 48 hours are something of a defining period in the AW101 period that mark, one can only hope, the steepest and most sudden decline. It's only after these few hectic days and nights pass that one can really step back and appraise the various ways in which life has changed.

The most striking is the overall feeling of frailty. It's as though you're trying in vain to shrug off lingering illness. Your muscles and bones all work in concert to disobey your every attempt to move responding with aches and pains that are, in turns, dull and throbbing as well as stingingly sharp. As yet there seems to be no respite to this condition as the atrophy progresses with a cruel indifference that straps me, like Gulliver, to my fainting couch.

The other great loss, as one might expect, is the loss of appetite. I genuinely feel for Higgins, as he's tried every conceivable garnish trying to tempt my gusto from out of the rushes. Yet his fragrant preparations fall as folly upon the mahogany banquet table.

I don't know where the path will lead, dear friends. Perhaps it will wind for a period then straighten out. Perhaps it will lead only to a small clearing where it ends in wavering shafts of light. All I know is that this diary will serve as the markers on my journey and I shan't let my quill run dry. Good luck and godspeed to all those who find themselves wandering this lonely path themselves.


  1. Your first post brought tears to my eyes. So well-written.

    As I woman I have no library in which to sit and contemplate this loss. I have no smoking jacket. No pipe. No globe full of liquor. I have truly lost my way. I don't know how to be a WASP now. I've taken to spending my evenings drinking coffee out of a styrofoam cup and wearing my husband's sweatpants and dirty, stained YALE t-shirt.

    Thank you for this safe place. A place shared with those who understand.


  2. It's a cruel irony that Richard could be most useful in counseling us in how to deal with his absence with grace and dignity.

  3. Your post on Ask Andy invited gentlemen to join you here, but I thought that a gentlewoman would be welcome as well. I'm Chloe over there, but I'm closing that account.

    More importantly, Richard would advise you to stiffen that upper lip, dress yourself like the duke, and hit the country club in the hope that a raven-haired vixen would catch you outside the men's room for a stolen moment of lust.

    I'm not sure what pearls of wisdom I would gain from Kipp.

    I doubt that either of them would suggest we pour a cup of tea and read a book...both of which I'm off to do now.


  4. On the other hand, I have gained 10 pounds in this short time. There just is not enough comfort food in the world.

  5. Forwarded here from the latest comment
    posted at WASP101 SUCKS.
    It was stated that there is to be a wake for
    the blog to be held at The Rugby Cafe in D.C.
    Further details to be found here.
    For all reading, I think its a great idea to share
    your stories of how you came to discover
    WASP101 and how long was it before you
    became ill from it? How long was it before
    you could tell Richard was the one who is
    ill himself?
    For another wild angle to all of this,
    his new "Crawford" contributor seems to
    Take note of kyle's interests. Interesting
    choice Richard makes in picking this individual.
    Cheers to Richard and the enduring legacy now
    established for him and his blog.
    Bravo! Arse! Blast it! Chum! (secret WASP
    vocabulary, case you didn't know)
    Alas, tis a legacy of despair and
    disenchantment. The glory of the come
    back of the American WASP has lost its
    leading knight in Richard. He was our last hope.

  6. I just slit one wrist. Now if Muffy Aldrich erects (heh-heh, he said "erects") a wall like the one Richard put up, I'll slash the other one.

  7. I feel so used. I can't help but remember what Richard told us in his very first blog post - "Anyone can be a WASP." But now, we've all been shut out of his WASPy world. Was it all just a lie?

  8. I'm scared, Mr. English. Do you feel therapy may help alleviate this?

    " I must go on. I can't go on. I'll go on."
    Samuel Beckett